08 April 2010

Theodore Ebony Jewel Gilliam

About Me: 
i am me first. i analyze fantasies, but realize reality. i am an intelligent man, not by definition. i am a beautiful ghost in the shape of a human. i use honesty to talk, and use lies to humour you. i use safety for protection and use violence for disappointment. i use light to see and use darkness for sight. i use Y for spelling. i use thought to understand and use time for thinking. i am creative, art like. i use you to learn me, even if i don't like your person. i have a job for rent. i am brave, i feel pain. i own only me, that's his name too. i love life, but hate living. i use words that have meaning, not the dictionary's new lies. i start from the beginning and continue... i am serious, i like playing. i talk too much, i am silent. i have a accent, therefore i write to comprehend. i am not a open book, i barely open them. i am open-hearted, not open-minded. i cannot be confused, im allowed to choose. i am focused. i have no patience, but i will wait for you. i am not a teacher, but i will teach you. i am not a student, but i learn. if i hate you, i hate myself. things happen for a reason. i see things in black and white, even though life is colourful. i have common sense, though sense is not common. i am not a follower because no one knows where we are going. i am not leader because im bad with directions. if i am the same tomorrow that means i have died.