30 May 2009

Back to Back

He gets 2... He is that nice with it.

***If Marc Jacobs had any senses he would use this photo for something. Im just saying... Its a good look.


My favourite dude, my reason why... The KING.

28 May 2009


Just say you are in fashion...

What We Did Today : Behind The Scenes

While standing in a mist of genius, my camera snuck some photos of what was being created.

Garments by : Shaun Samson
Model : Alexander Jakob
Photos by : Theodore Gilliam

27 May 2009

Google Images

Just a few images from Google that tickled my fancy. No story behind them, they don't even really have anything to do with eachother. I guess if you gather a collection of beautiful images they will correspond with eachother naturally.

25 May 2009

Anthony Thomas

Central St. Martins Final Year Fashion, 2009

Put Some Clothes On : 2

One of the illest videos I've seen nor worked on. Good look NEON.

24 May 2009

Come To London!


23 May 2009

I Love You Too


I Need A Size 12

Baptiste Giabiconi : Karl Lagerfeld for Vogue Paris March 09

Model : 2

Lasse Pedersen

Model : 1

George Barnett

22 May 2009

The Favourites : Acne


Shaun had to finish some hems while I looked at some hims (models). Ryan had his models practice their walk on the catwalk as I have a lifetime of practice. Rob doesn't walk, he waits for the cement to become a conveyer belt. P-Yoncé and Payroll waits for no one.