30 December 2010

Alexi Wasser | IMBOYCRAZY

Boy Crazy Promo from alexi wasser on Vimeo.


29 December 2010


Right now I'm smiling
Taking advantage of this moment
Cause there might not be another soon
Holding on to memories like roller coaster handle bars
tightly cause I'm slightly off my rocker - But to you
I may appear to be your average joe
But little do you know
that even joe got problems that he gots to joust with
Floating in this game of life
Despite how out of place you may feel
In this race oh you just can't quit
Ain't that a bitch - that being heat
I'm on the beat like cops
Only cultivate the stable dirt when I skeet my drops
No concentrating knocking other niggas out the box
Why? Cause in a sense
See we all be kind of fly
Just can't be scared to spread your wings
Head to better things
Maybe the mockingbird and nightengale
they want to sing - keeping this thing alive
To the table's what we bring
We like hailstorms and blizzards in the middle of the spring

André Lauren Benjamin 3000

27 December 2010


I Once Died Twice

25 December 2010

Happy Birthday, MB

Matthieu Amelin

*Stop smoking

Merry Grace

20 December 2010

Eyes Shine Brown

13 December 2010

Happy Birthday, Phae

11 December 2010

08 December 2010

Happy Birthday, Michel

Gary Michel Pinagot | 24

01 December 2010

70 Years To Go...

28 November 2010

Say Word


23 November 2010

Staying Fucking Fresh

Fucking Fresh

22 November 2010


21 November 2010

I Just Do

And when I don't die tomorrow deals with it proudly.

Some Clothing

Image Is


Peter Bruder

All Day I Dream About S...

Adidas Slvr

18 November 2010


17 November 2010

His Cute Mind

14 November 2010

It's So Simple

11 November 2010


10 November 2010

November 10, 2000

Happy 10 Year Anniversary

09 November 2010

Amazingly Monk

Actions speak louder than truth.

I Love You, Monk

This is my favourite birthday gift. Coming from my best friend who has inspired me for 7 years... Thank you.

06 November 2010

It's Early