30 June 2010

Why I Hate You, 2

Micah Saint James


I just recreated some things not being worn in my closet...

[A shirt that was in a gift bag that was worth free
{Some German Army pants that were shaped weird and need button arrangement
(White Dr. Martens that I loved but destroyed them with dirt

**And PLEASE BELIEVE these will be worn tonight!

Oh and, I made 2 more pairs of shorts out of some YSL and Marc Jacobs pants. So SUPER

27 June 2010

Monk & Me

26 June 2010

Happy Birthday, Michael

His spirit is 1 year old.

23 June 2010

How I Got Over

I'm posting this while listening to the intro. I enjoy, please do the same.

11 June 2010


I am nude. My heart is showing it's genitals. I am begging for realization on the other side of the bed.
Praying to a fantasy to decorate reality into truth. I am meeting my normal. This is my dedication
from you, by me. Plagiarize my love and find me. |Theodore

09 June 2010

Marry Me

Happy Belated Birthday, Sir Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson, 52

08 June 2010


04 June 2010

In Spirit