30 July 2009

Anything You Want

27 July 2009

Public Enemies

Bard & I just witnessed some genius. The fits, the acts, the gun slanging & the picture dancing, I mean DAMN!

*Some lines in the movie will be in my next song... Believe that!


I Miss

I'm Just Saying...

They be copying!

26 July 2009

Thank You Monkey!

A special delivery came from one of my BEST friends. When the favour was for the Rolling Stone, Special Issue... Mr. Ryan & Ms. Ongina not only purchased the issue but also SURPRISED me with the People Magazine tribute to the KING.

All I can say is Thank You & I Love You, Ryan/Ongina


TUSH Magazine, Gender Bender

*Sebastian Simon

25 July 2009

Online Finds

Okay, so I'm finally done with seasons 2,3 & 4 of '24'. Now I'm just laying in bed bored. I can't really do too much because the lungs are ugly in the face right now. Browsing the inter'esting'net I collected some photos me likey. My beautiful friend Sophia had this photo of her on Facebook and yes, she is giving FACE! The rest are just cute boys and photos that I just J'dore... except for one. you have to be knowing what I'm talking about... SOULJA BOY TELL'EM and his weenis! Where I found the photo it read that he posted this on Twitter, REALLY? I'm done

Light Reading

Black & Blum

Big Sean & Ye

I wish I was on this one

Model : 7

Michael C.

*Only 16 years old

I Love you Phillip Morris


I'm finally getting high!

20 July 2009


Ebony Magazine, 1985

*Thank you Shaun

Is Prada Back?

Cole Mohr in Prada

A Good Day

18 July 2009

What Up B!

Brian Lichtenberg

One of the illest Los Angeles based designers.

When You're A Boy

Exhibition : Now Showing


Kris Van Assche, Spring 2010

All For The Best

Thom Yorke : All For The Best
*From the tribute album, Ciao My Shining Star : The Songs of Mark Mulcahy

17 July 2009

Time Keeps On Ticking...

Ill yet scary, Continue Clock by Sander Mulder