18 April 2009

The Louis Vuitton Don

He's serious... They may be my first LV slippers.

16 April 2009

From Boy to Girl to COVER

And yes, Ongina Rules!

We're in Paris

I don't do Pilati's, but I do Crazy... You better ask somebody!

Birds Playing At DSM

Comme des Garçons, PlayBird

Drinking V-8 Juice

StampD' from Los Angeles

15 April 2009

Now He Is Playing With My Feet

LOVA For All Occasions

Dead Man's Bones

14 April 2009

Me? Icon?

I will be one of the Icons... How? I don't know, but I will be answering questions that you might not know or want to know about me.
CHECKYOUdaily.com is an exclusive website that will present stylish fits from your everyday fashionista. Allowing clothing artists and other talents to share photos, interests and inspirations with friends.
This will be available next month. View the website to get on the waiting list. Astride Howell, the creator, will explain more in the interview posted.

Either Or, Means Both

He wants them both... But he can't find a suitable reason.

Acne Jeans / Tretorn knows how to create an easy shoe.

His Everyday Shoe

"I'm about to run to the corner store"

12 April 2009


My office... In the making


I mean... Kinda

On My Face

For a daytime event & to make LiiLii GAG!

Damir Doma Wayfarer by Linda Farrow Projects

11 April 2009

Somewhere in The House?

Wooden table by Costantini Design

Get In It!

Zeitraum Beds by Formstelle

But not brown...

Toilet ASSeccory

Direnc Demirbas, making shit stylish!

I Love Nice Feet

Happy Socks

Available at Barney's, Opening Ceremony and www.happysocks.com

I Have Blood...

Do I need Crip?

10 April 2009

No, Seriously

So, I had my phone stolen my last day in Los Angeles... Today in Belgium, I got new one... Today in Belgium, it got stolen.

Call me!

My Thoughts, Exactly

Dick Loves Titties & Candy?

Iced Out, Hanging From a Necklace


When Day Turns to Night

Out of the livingroom & his office window.

Where He Works

Before cabinets doors...

06 April 2009

Leaving Home To Go Home...

Pour champagne on a bitch!

Thank you LiiLii