26 March 2009


StampD' LA

My New Bestfriend

Coming in June? It does everything you complained about.

Giuliano Fujiwara Makes A Home For My Toes

Will Get There & Done That

That's Fall/Winter '09... Ongina, well one was in NY years ago and the other was in '08. Soon to be there, but kinda done that.

24 March 2009

Pronounced ONGINA

Making her name around the US... to be continued

13 March 2009

Put Some Clothes On : 1

A hip-hop makeover.

12 March 2009

If He Was...

A singer that sings of his past.

Was Cute

11 March 2009

I Wear How I Feel...

Wood Wood : Broken Hearted Shirt

In My Ear

The white ones are the nicer, but the black ones will not get all naughty and dirty.
NIXON did it right... They are compatible with the iPhone, and they have a mic. The description says they have good sound, I just hope it's clean. ($89)

My Face In This

Model Yourself

If it doesn't look good on you... Well, that's impossible.


It's a SHOW! That's what fashion has forgotten.

The Favourites : 1

Although I am leaving America, doesn't mean I can't be inspired... Politics can be fashionable.

Reason Why : 2

The Kings of Belgium

I'm going to hand them my brain and see what they can make of it.

10 March 2009

Reason Why : 1

Not Home Yet...

This is the start of : MyFaceFriendSpaceBookSter