29 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Michael

I love you.

21 August 2010

For A Minute There

Introduced to me by a friend years ago... Soon after I bought tickets to witness Christopher
O'riley's genius. Accompanied by Shaun Lee, a close friend, as we sat and listened knowing
priorities. The thought and feeling sits with me yet again.


I spent the night at the Hollywood Bowl with great friends to have this experience.

*Photos by Me

20 August 2010

I'm Not Here

*Photos by Me

19 August 2010

LOVA | In the Beginning

Spring | Summer, 2008

*Click any image to view the film.

14 August 2010

New Hat?

Karl Lagerfeld x Ruby Pavillon

12 August 2010

Lending My Pretty

B: SCOTT | Spring, 2011

09 August 2010


08 August 2010

05:25 / Watching


Great Def