28 February 2010

All Day!

26 February 2010

Me : By Alphaeus


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25 February 2010

Sleep Well Chilly B

Newcleus-Jam On It

DIAZ | MySpace Video

Bob Crafton (Chilly B), founding member of the influential 80's electro/hip-hop band Newcleus,
passed away this week from complications associated with a stroke. He died at age 47.

24 February 2010

Very Nice

Big Table, by Alain Gilles, for Bonaldo

I Want : The World

Corona Globes, by Nendo

22 February 2010

So Far... Here

Micah James is the new guy that's been here... No worries, I was late too! Class is in session, shhh

7 Days Left

...History Month

Sewn From The Soul

Dammit Rob!


14 February 2010

We Are The World : 25

13 February 2010

Model : 8

Keno Weidner

Mos Praising

11 February 2010

Thank You, Lee McQueen

A genius sleeps... Alexander McQueen

10 February 2010

LOVA : A Day In Los Angeles

LOVA, Spring/Summer 2010

Photography: Lauren Ward
Art Direction/Concept & Stylist: Me