20 September 2009

Archive Interview : Gay

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  1. wow straight up! exactly how I feel. Too bad Kanye acted like a fool recently, but beside that, he has some real genius in him. Openness is the way to acceptance, and how else can you receive what the "universe" has for you? If you are closed/negative, nothing good will be added to your life.
    I wish society/religion would put down its gavel of judgement over lifestyles that do not coincide with their own. JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE IS DIFFERENT THAN YOU, MAKES CHOICES YOU DON'T, DOES NOT MAKE THEM WRONG, OR BAD, OR ANYTHING AT ALL NEGATIVE. How boring would this world be if we were all the same???!!??! Cmon people, it would be one big boring ass Wal-Mart/Abercrombie day at the park, every single fucking day. FUCK THAT. Be different. Love life. Love people. Be an artist. Create. Don't stop speaking out for your cause. Be positive. Be filled with light and love. And most importantly, DON'T LET ANYONE STOP YOU FROM BEING YOU.

    Thed you my niggidy nig FOR REAL! Just cause I'ma hoop your ass and rip the mic don't mean I don't love you! hahaaaaaaaaaa