06 August 2009

Just Happened

So, I texted Rob that Ms. Mother Nature was being ugly in the face and if she doesn't put on some make-up I wasn't going out. But, I couldn't leave my Robbie all by herself in the raineries! I shower and put on some cutes and walked to the bus stop... Oh HI! Why am I wet as hell? Finally met Rob after running to Borders, fake reading while dripping juices all over their floor, sorry! We walked under his umbrella leaving his crocodile hat box, his right arm, my left shoulder and arm playing in the rain. We finally got to the art opening all moist and gross! Rob's hair stayed genius. So yeah.. There was a leak in the spot and they had to kick everyone out. So, back to the bus stop with Ms. Mother Nature laughing in my face. Thank you bus for making me wait for 30 minutes. I'm home now.

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